Is It Ok To Exercise With Degenerative Disc Disease

If you have low back pain you might have degenerative disk disease. Living with the effects of degenerative disc disease isnt always easy.

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is it ok to exercise with degenerative disc disease

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The simple answer is yes weightlifting is generally good for a degenerated disc problem.

Is it ok to exercise with degenerative disc disease. Some argue swimming can worsen back pain while others say swimming is a safe form of exercise for degenerative disc disease. Discs in the spinal cord serve as cushions between the vertebrae. These changes are tied to degenerative disc disease.

Disks provide cushioning between the bones in your spine but over time they can wear out. Here are 3 important things to keep in mind when exercising with ddd. 2 easy exercises for lumbar degenerative disc disease pain relief.

You dont get enough aerobic exercise during the week. For the mechanical instability dynamic lumbar stabilization exercises for patients with degenerative disc disease can help stabilize the spinal segments. By kevin ju md.

Famous physical therapists bob schrupp and brad heineck present the 10 best exercises for degenerative disc disease of the low back with or without sciatica. Treating degenerative disc disease with exercise exercise is one of the main components when it comes to treating ddd. The aim of these exercises is to strengthen mobilise and stabilise the surrounding area in order to prevent any further pain.

In fact this condition is the most common cause of back pain in adults. But it can also prevent future flare ups of degenerative disc disease pain and you may experience less pain when a flare up does occur. There is a bit of a debate within the chronic pain community about this exact question.

With age the cartilage in the body changes and can become weaker discs dry out and shrink small tears occur or bone spurs grow. But does swimming actually help reduce degenerative disc disease pain. Strengthening the low back to reduce pain.

The real problem is that often this condition is termed as degenerative disc disease which is partially a misnomer. Low impact exercise is key. The best exercises for degenerative disc disease.

Share pin it newsletters. Regular moderate exercise can help keep your discs healthy and it can help you feel better overall. In this video a physiotherapist demonstrates gentle exercises for degenerative disc disease one of the possible causes of sciatica.

Exercise wont reverse the damage in your spine but it can relieve some of the painful symptoms caused by ddd and may also slow the progression of degeneration. Good muscular control of the spine can help compensate for a degenerated disc and reduce both instability and pain. Make sure to like us on facebook.

Exercise however can decrease pain and stiffness caused by degenerative disk disease. Of course you should consult your doctor before doing any exercises especially if you are already experiencing pain.

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