Apple Watch Not Counting Exercise Minutes

I usually do a daily burn app workout in the morning then some number of minutes on a stationary bike needed to get 30 minutes of exercise at least. Scrolling down in the activity app on your watch will show you an hour by hour breakdown of your activity for each when youve moved when youve recorded exercise minutes and when youve stood.

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apple watch not counting exercise minutes

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Open the workout app.

Apple watch not counting exercise minutes. The stand exercise and move rings make up the central display for your overall activity as captured by your apple watch. If your apple watch doesnt seem to be properly tracking your steps or exercise heres an easy way to calibrate it. Apple watch not tracking my exercise minutes.

Check that you are wearing it firmly. Not only am i not getting credit for all activity and exercise but now the activity and exercise minutes on my watch dont match what is. If you have apple watch series 2 or later you just need your apple watch.

Hold your iphone in your hand or wear it on an armband or waistband. Not the same old issue of the watch only counting activity if your heart rate gets to a certain point or if you reach a certain pace with runningwalking. Hi everyone i just got an apple watch the first couple of days it tracked all my exercise minutes in the fitness app now it isnt.

I only got a total of 5 minutes of exercise in yesterday doing the same routine that used to net me 30. I know that even if it doesnt go on the watch rings its still counting for my health but i am trying to. If youre having this problem too youre in luck.

For example i walked 3 miles yesterday that took 62 minutes i am 60. Fix apple watch to register exercise correctly. While wearing your apple watch go to a flat open outdoor area that offers good gps reception and clear skies.

Thanks to a helpful twitter commenter i found this great document from apple. Im loving my apple watch sport so far but ive had some minor problems getting it to properly track my daily movement and exercise goals. Apple watch exercise not counting more less.

If your apple watch is not counting steps the first thing to ensure is that are you wearing it firmly or not. If you have apple watch series 1 or earlier bring your iphone for gps. 12 tips to fix apple watch not tracking steps issue tip 1.

For instance maybe you start an exercise that lasts 45 minutes but your apple watch records it as 10 minutes instead. My activity app shows that i walked 33 minutes. Heres two ways to fix your apple watch not registering exercise activities correctly.

Apple clearly states that a better fit means better readings the band should not be too loose or too tight. If apple watch is sent info from. The apple watch is not registering any distance or speed in any workout despite following your instructions.

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