Best Exercise Bike For Spinal Stenosis

Therefore if in case you have been searching for the best exercise machine for spinal stenosis you might want to have considered this product. For patients with spinal stenosis leaning forward on an upright exercise bike rather than a recumbent bike is an ideal form of aerobic exercise as they tend to feel.

Best Exercise Bike For Spinal Stenosis Reviews

best exercise bike for spinal stenosis

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Which types of exercises are best.

Best exercise bike for spinal stenosis. Try recumbent exercise bikes degenerative disc disease is a painful back condition caused when spinal discs become damaged by age or injury. This recumbent bike happens to be one of the best recumbent exercise bikes with excellent back support. The best spinal stenosis exercises either reduce tension through light stretching or activity or help strengthen the core.

The best exercises for your spinal stenosis are those that involve smooth motion and are low impact. While it is not universally true some patients with the following conditions tend to find that an exercise bike provides a tolerable form of aerobic exercise. To get the best out of your daily routine incorporate the following exercises.

Any exercise for spinal stenosis should be low impact while promoting flexibility as it strengthens the muscle. 1 but if youre among the many people who exercise regularly as part of your daily routine you may be wondering if there are any exercises you should avoid if you have. Examples of good exercises include swimming exercising on an elliptical trainer and walking.

As for aerobic exercise cycling has been proven to be very effective 14 15. Whichever you choose let your breath initiate each movement. The bent forward position on a bicycle opens up the spinal canal temporarily helping to reduce the pressure on your spinal nerves.

Exercise has positive symptom reducing effects 1 2 and is very important in the plan of care for spinal stenosis 13. The muscles need to continuously be stretched and strengthened. Exercises and stretches arent particularly helpful for spinal stenosisand in fact some exercises will aggravate your condition as you may have already discovered.

An upright bike might be the best type of stationary bike for people suffering with spinal stenosis or osteoarthritis as it puts the rider in a forward bent position. Exercise is key for spinal stenosis. This spinal stenosis exercise can be completed standing seated or on all fours.

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