How To Prevent Low Blood Pressure During Exercise

Low blood pressure or hypotension may be caused by a medical condition that can be treated with medication or for many people lifestyle changes. Postexercise hypotension is caused by a temporary decrease in blood flow to the area of the brain that controls your blood pressure.

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how to prevent low blood pressure during exercise

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You can still exercise with low blood pressure but change positions warm up and cool down gradually.

How to prevent low blood pressure during exercise. Low blood pressure and exercise. Low blood pressure hypotension can be a dangerous condition. Low blood pressure sometimes occurs after exercise a condition called postexercise hypotension.

If your blood pressure is at a desirable level less than 12080 mm hg exercise can help prevent it from rising as you age. Also you can test your blood sugar before during and after exercise. When youre exercising your muscles have an increased need for oxygen which is why your blood pressure increases during exercise.

Regular exercise is important for everyone to keep bones muscles and heart strong and to lose or maintain a healthy weight. To avoid hypoglycemia during exercise you should learn to recognize the symptoms of hypoglycemia while you are exercising. How to prevent low blood pressure.

While for many people low blood pressure is a sign of good health if low blood pressure is accompanied by chronic fatigue weakness. Hypoglycemia is when your blood glucose level your blood sugar level drops too low. This condition may last for a few minutes or as long as 13 hours.

Regular exercise also helps you maintain a healthy weight another important way to control blood pressure. Orthostatic hypotension describes the feeling of dizziness upon change in position which causes a drop in blood pressure. However if your blood pressure tends to be low you may need to take some precautions when exercising.

Check in with your doctor first if youre not already. How you can become hypoglycemic when exercising. Learn more about low blood pressure from the.

Making exercise a habit can help lower your blood pressureit also gives you more energy and its a great way to ease stress and feel better.

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